Our mud is definitely not done, and probably never will be, but it's a little different and kinda fun (for fighters anyway). You are perfectly welcome to visit us.



telnet:// You can log in on log into the mud on port 4000, but you're probably better off finding a mud client to use rather than trying to telnet to the port directly.

Most of us use a combination of screen and tinyfugue — although, I might be thinking of Þe Olden Days (of Yore). I also recommend checking out dtach if the only reason you're using screen is to re-attach later. Also, if you're frustrated with screen configs or wish to script somnething, consider using tmux instead of screen (welcome to 201x).

Web Client Also, ∃ a web-based client!! It is confusing to operate, mainly due to authentication issues and UI issues (and some other confusing issues). Basically, if you have problems, use a telnet client, or mud client.

Android Client There is also an Android Client. It's even more confusing to operate than the web client. The main problem is that (until the planned re-write is complete) users need an API token. WTF is that for?? This is a valid question. It has something to do with WebOS, so just nevermind that. API tokens can be fetched here or via the in app options menu, (i.e., if you have a menu button).